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Difference between cutting piece and grinding wheel

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The cutting piece is made of glass fiber and resin as the reinforced bonding material. It has high tensile strength, impact resistance, and bending strength. It is widely used in the production of ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metal. The excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship guarantee High cutting efficiency and economical effect of workpieces of different materials. So what is the difference between a high performance cutting disc and a grinding wheel?
1. The cutting piece is only used for cutting, and most of them are parallel, and the thickness is relatively thin, but there are also diamond cutting pieces with a base body which have a special shape, and generally are mainly cutting;
2, the grinding wheel can be roughly understood as cutting and grinding, the grinding wheel should also look thick, generally thin is also based on cutting, thicker is mainly grinding, and of course the angle grinding used in the hardware building materials industry The grinding wheel can also be polished, and the function of the grinding wheel is more extensive;
3. Grinding wheel is the main type of grinding tool in the grinding process. The grinding wheel piece is a porous body which is prepared by adding a binder to an abrasive, and compacting, drying and baking.
4. The cutting piece belongs to the grinding wheel and is made of the abrasive, binder resin and the like for ordinary steel, stainless steel metal, and non-metal material.
Consider more consideration when pricing the cutting piece
Price is an important factor affecting the success or failure of a transaction, and it is also a difficult factor in the marketing mix. Many sellers can't control the pricing of goods, resulting in no business. How to make a reasonable price, that is, to make the seller profitable, the buyer feels good value for money? This requires the seller to consider the following factors when pricing the cutting piece:
1. The model, parameters and raw materials of the thin flat cutting disc are a major factor affecting the price. The price of different models is definitely different. Secondly, the parameters of the product are different in price, but the price is determined by the material of the product. Under normal circumstances, the lower the hardness of the abrasive tool, the lower the price. The hardness depends on the raw materials and processing technology produced at that time. Of course, the adhesive also has a certain influence.
2, the brand of the product is also a major factor affecting the price, the same material, the same workmanship, the same shape, brand products will certainly be much more expensive than the average business, or even several times more expensive. This is the influence of the brand. In many cases, we will choose to buy high-priced products for the sake of peace of mind and perfect service, because the quality of such products is guaranteed.
In summary, the price of the cutting piece is not as low as possible, and the low price cannot be exchanged for good benefits. Paying attention to quality and service is the foundation for rising sales. The above are the six factors that the seller needs to consider when pricing the cutting piece. I hope to help the seller solve the pricing troubles!

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