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Carendash: Is it worth it now? Block city entry?KADUM in solis

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Originally Posted by Carendash View Post
As some need guidance on what to do about Path-blocking, these are the steps you have to take:1. Log in to your Glyph Account2. Select 'Help'3. Select 'Submit a Request'4. What kind of issue would you like assistance with? -> 'Report a Player - Code of Conduct'5. Subject: 'Path-Blocking way to Austera' (example)6. Description: Put in as many information as possible for the support to act asap so they don't have to double/triple check anything or come back to your for additional info ->'Suspectname / How many did block / How did they block / Guild at that certain time / Time of day / Location'7. Product: Select ArcheAge8. Report a Player: NPC or Path Blocking9. ArcheAge Server: Select your Server where the Path Blocking occured10. Attachements: Add your Screenshots about the Blocking in here so the Support got proof that you are a victim to Path Blocking.Keep in mind that a delay is marked in red by Trion Worlds Support Center. One ticket for every request is enough.

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