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Improved Bundles Need Attention

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Ok so today I finally hit 230k farming and was excited to test out the Improved Grain Bundles...

Its worth noting that crafting them can be a pain if you cant find a lv3 zone with a Grand Improved Workbench. (or lv2 if you are a resident, which requires some prior knowledge of zones and community centres which I did not have and didn't even realise I needed this workbench until I actually hit 230k)

In the end I could only afford to make 8 bundles due to the cost of the royal seeds, so I compared 8 of these bundles against 100 barley bundles and the results are......well they are not good.

3100 grain from 8 improved grain bundles
960 LP to harvest
660 LP to process
Seed cost =13.5g
-80 royal seeds = -136g
Grain value = 126g
Total LP= 1620 LP
Total Profit= -23.5g

2200 grain from 100 barley bundles
700 LP
480 LP
+10 royal seeds
+200 haybales
-400 bait worm (you get 1 bait worm back per bundle)
Worm Cost= 16g
Seed Cost = 37.5g
Grain value = 84g+
Royal Seed value = 17g+
Hay Bale value = 28g+
Total LP= 1280 LP
Total Profit= 75g+

So you can clearly see that the gold you spend on royal seeds alone is more then the cost of just buying the grain.

It works out to about 64,000 vocation points for those seeds which renders these bundles completely useless. because if you were using vocation then you could just sell your royal seeds and buy more grain the you would get from the bundles anyway?

If you were using these to grow quinoa/beans then its cheaper to just buy the seeds for them with vocation.

I can see how if there was a market for the produce you get ie beans quinoa wheat etc then you may be able to turn a small profit, however these grains are not easy to sell and from what I had the total gold value of the grains unprocessed was 208g which would provide a profit of around 60g still less then 100 barley bundles. However these grains will not sell at those values as anyone with a brain can work out that its cheaper to buy the grain than it is to buy the bean/quinoa and then process it.

All I'm saying Is the royal seed cost (for the improved bundles) needs to be adjusted as the way it is right now just kills all motive to make these bundles.

What a disappointment....

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