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*** ATTENTION GAMIGO *** Dissolution of Player Nations (Kadum/NA)

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As of today, December 16th, territory claiming has been successfully denied on the Kadum (NA) server through a dedicated, combined effort involving the vast majority of the player base on the server.

According to this post by Celestrata in May 2017, player nations that have not claimed territory within 63 days (9 weeks) of entering a Pending Collapse state will be dissolved during the next maintenance cycle.

The date which all existing Player Nations on Kadum have entered the Pending Collapse state is October 18th, the date that the server came into being. 63 days from then is Thursday, December 20th. Since the player base on the server has successfully prevented monoliths from being activated, no Purified Archeum has been produced, thus no territory can possibly be claimed on the server before the 20th.

What we need is the following:

1) Definitive confirmation that the mechanics outlined by Celestrata in the referenced post are accurate.

2) An answer as to whether or not a nation claiming territory on Sunday, December 23rd would be saved from dissolution during maintenance on Wednesday, December 26th.

3) For you to make all necessary preparations to ensure that nations are dissolved during maintenance on Wednesday, December 26th.

The sooner that this can be addressed, the better. Thank you for your time.


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