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Actually answer tickets for once

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I've just created this account to play with my friends, but am 100% considering uninstalling already due to lack of any customer service.

I'm unable to purchase patron, (or anything else for that matter) because the default country your account sets to is Canada and my purchase method is in the U.S.

I put a ticket in over 48 hrs ago and no response. I was told I can expect over a week or more for a bot response.

My friends all have tickets in about various things. One even showed a screenshot of a ticket entered an ENTIRE MONTH ago with still no response.

Acquisition or not, there is NO ACCEPTABLE REASON for it to be taking THIS long to answer tickets that take less than 10 minutes to address and fix.

If the transfer of data and staff was going to take this long, why was this not prepared for?

I feel like the community deserves answers and not radio silence.

I'm not blaming GM's or anything for this at all, and I understand that you all are likely under just as much stress if not more than the community, but there should AT LEAST be updates by the CM about progress and why EXACTLY tickets aren't being answered.

This is also affecting many other players because many toxic people are making alts and using racially offensive and sexist phrases and terms in chat and nothing is being done because tickets aren't being answered.

At least tell us what's going on. Please and thank you.

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