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Left Hand Disarm shouldn't exist

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It invalidates an extremely large number of builds and classes to such a degree that the games meta is more stagnant than ever before.

Songcraft is overpowered in general, but this specific interaction is the true problem.

Future patches seem in line with re-balancing critical damage and the extent to which it can be abused in the game, and I think that sounds like a good start to giving incentive for people to try different things other than X / X / Songcraft.

The other issue of "Immortal healers" seems like it's going to be fixed in upcoming patches already, so I don't feel like bringing it up as more than a passing mention.

What I will say is I quit the game right as 4.5 came along and with the exception of this horribly imbalanced mechanic and immortal healers the game does seem to be the most balanced I've ever seen it (which might be hard for a lot of people to see through the slew of songcraft players.)

but without a doubt this is the most broken thing I've ever seen in the game. Melee having 4 trips was fairer than this, 1.2 archers were fairer than this mechanic, it's nuts.

I've had a few people try to compare it to right hand disarm and it's just not the same level of unfair.
I mean, both disarms seem silly to me because Silence and Shackle have been perfectly viable from day 1 and removing the reasonable ways to put these effects on opponents doesn't seem to have done the game any favors. But at very least right hand disarm is hit and miss depending on matchups and has utility in some places and not others.

Left hand just makes anyone with a shield invalidated on the spot, and reducing that effect from 5 seconds to 3 seconds will not be sufficient in rectifying the issue.

I'd ask this be passed on to XL and they consider some other kind of effect for the Critical Discord > Dissonance combo, because right now it does far too much and is essentially undodgable and just about every player with a crayon up their nose relies on this to win right now.

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