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Downloads are running at a reduced capacity at this time. We hope it's a temporary thing but I asked Eliteone to reduce it to prevent having to pay more money out of pocket to increase the bandwidth. 

It's damn sad that most of you can't sacrifice a single Starbucks or fast food meal to chip in here. I've looked at the download stats and lots of you have benefited from the files that are hosted here.  Yet under 1% of the site users here have bothered to pitch in. 

It's not fair for Eliteone to have to beg every month, going on years now to try to get some help with site and gameserver expenses. 

It's apparent most don't care. The stats show people just want the damn free stuff, yesterday. Well folks that's BS. 

We've tried ads but the revenue from them barely scratches the surface here. 

So where we go with downloads and soon the servers too is up to all of you who use the site. 


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Updated status of downloads.

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