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Cracking down on hackers and exploiters

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This is NOT and will likely never be the LAST time I have caught a hacker on this game.

I expect that this player has been abusing this and other hacks for a LONG time.

He's a 13k GS and he had around 11 alts in Hellswamp killing this WB by himself.

If this player isn't banned for blatantly hacking to see me while in stealth over 100m away when not a single piece of gear has stealth detect, no stealth detect skills, no kirin mount stealth detect being used, I am pretty much going to uninstall, because I've had this exact hack be used more than in this instance, and it has routinely ruined pvp for me and others.

You can see I had ample time left on my stealth, so it wasn't as if he targeted me as it turned off. I was already about 15 seconds or so into the stealth, so it wasn't as I was popping stealth either.

I am only posting this here because after a literal MONTH of me and my friends tickets about smaller easier to handle problems not being answered, I knew this would garner the attention necessary to bring this longterm issue me and my friends have had to light.

Proof below:


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