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NA servers - not enough space for farms

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The purpose of this post is not to point the finger at a specific culprit or insulting anyone, only to indicate the problem.

Many players on US servers probably have the same trouble as me, when trying to find a place for a farm or house. This place is simply not there. I spent a few days on Kadum server and found only one free place 16x16. After moving to the server Aria is a bit better, but also are serious problems with the place for the simplest house 16x16. You can forget about placing a bigger farm.
I think that one of the reasons is too many players on each server in relation to the available space.
The second reason is that the players put houses / farms in such a way that they intentionally increase the intervals between farms to take up as much space as possible, making it impossible to build another house next to it. This is how many players are doing. Unfortunately, the effect is that every new player has no chance to build his simplest house. I know that it is not technically prohibited in the game, but is this really how we should build farms like in the pictures?

This is not an exceptional situation, but very common.

Due to the long-term search for a place for a farm, an idea came to my mind.
The mode in which we see contours of farms and houses is available only when we click on the house design, but then we can to move only on foot, which greatly extends the time of finding a place.
Is it possible to make a switch of this view mode (for example Alt+H) without having to click on the project and move freely on a horse or car.

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