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Korean december update

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Looks like they adding more PvE content to the game. 2 new instanced PvE events(dungeons?) with 20 or 5 players, which should be similar to CRR(if I read it correctly).

It includes new story as well, about the Hiram people, so we're possibly getting new main story quests too.

The hiram pve is the first dungeon content being talked about, and there's also some in goldenfable harbor. In the second one, you can earn new equipment, earrings to be exact, which help in PvE(I can't read korean, so I'm not sure if it's reduction or damage increase on PvE, we'll see about that).

It also looks like they're making naval content more accesible by lowering the costs.

Some stuff about making the cash shop items droppable in the game, such that people are not limited to certain things by needing to buy them with money, but can instead spend time ingame to get them(looks like a big change! we'll have to see how it works out though).

Something korean specific about a new server for minors, which isn't really applicable to us in EU/NA.

And lastly there's some info on labor, and how they want to change how it works. The specifics aren't very clear to me, but it looks like they adding a minimum cap(?) and offline labor regen to whatever ARKLIFE accounts are.

That's about it for the december update. They said they'll add eastern hiram mountains in januari, so that's pretty cool.

I'm presonally very hyped about new PvE content and story stuff coming to the game, so I'm looking forward to it :)
I don't know if these patch notes were posted before, but I went ahead and posted them regardless, so sorry if it's a double post, I just felt that people needed to see about the new content that's being released, and that there are a lot of cool things coming in the future. Even though it will take a while before it's actually released here.

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