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Account got banned

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Hi there, I'm Davren ...and sometime ago i was banned.

What happened was simple i purchased some apex, and was charged multiple times many times over in seconds, this was confirmed by my bank and the bank statements i provided + screenshots as proof that what is in essense ...another buggy Trion Website issue.

So i submitted numerous help requests to Trion Support, and was told that the apex wasnt on my account despite me submitting updated screenshots with time and date after each response i received back showing that to be incorrect.

Eventually i logged in to find that all my bound armor and weapons on my character as well as the cannons and sails on my ships had dissappeared.

No one else has access to my account and no one has ever accessed my account only me and i live alone.

So i reported this to Trion who refused to respond, no talk of refund, no negotiation nothing.

So needing the money back to pay some upcoming bills which would of been easily taken care of if it wernt for this multiple charging nonsense, i was left with no choice but to chargeback....

About 1-2 weeks later i was banned and since then for monthes i have been appealing to have my account restored.

I've been a loyal subscriber and patron of Archeage for 4 years, not to mention played a fair amount of time on various other games, Defiance, Rift etc ....spent thousands and thousands of dollers.

And what happens when something goes wrong ?

I end up getting banned.

So in short i'd like my account restored please, its been a long time already ...all your doing is depriving yourself of further income and helping to kill the game by removing yet another active player.

I love Archeage for numerous reasons especially as i'm very very VERY good at the game >) ( people will say otherwise ...but if you read between the lines ...they always complaining about me LOL )

SO ...This is a final attempt to reach out and either negotiate for my account to be restored ...or ..and dont take this the wrong way i will have to charge back for the total amount i've spent across all your games seeing as i've been banned from all of them, i've already contacted my bank who have requested i try once more otherwise they will happily carry it out on my behalf as they can prove on their end that the the transactions were not authorised by myself and was a bug on the trion website.

If i fail well i'll at least get the total sum of money i spent and its ALOT, i'd rather my account back mainly for sentimental reasons but hey beggers cant be choosers up to you.

If my post gets removed and my forum account banned, i'm going to post all the responses i've gotten back from trion using alternate accounts as well as posting it on youtube .

Hopefully it doesnt come to it, but i'm at wits end .....4 years of playing Archeage alone ....and this is my reward .

So i hope this message makes it to the correct godsend GM or whoever has the power to reverse this so that i can once again continue to enjoy your game. ..HELP ME OBI WAN KENOBI YOUR MY ONLY HOPE !!!

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