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Myru: Bugged quest:Corrupt Commander

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Originally Posted by Myru View Post
Hey~I am not seeing this issue. When you get the quest, target Commander Melchius right outside the tent. Right click on the Pursecutter either in your inventory or on the quest tracker. You should get the item Commander Melchius's Key (note: The Pursecutter is still in your inventory). Then interact with the chest in his tent which will consume the key and give you the Letter from Burnt Castle. The quest progression on the quest tracker won't update until you get to this point because it requires all of this to happen. I would say make sure you have 3 inventory spaces for the three different items since the key is consumed just after getting the letter it seems (just in case this is the issue)Please let me know if there is something else broken with this. I've looked at it myself and it seems to be working just fine for me.

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