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This Forum Is Really Pretty, Great Job "BELLA" !!!


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I love the look of this site, it is very pretty, and absolutely very "NOLFY", hehe. rolleyes.gif


It was getting a little crowded in the other threat so I thought I would start a

new one, hope you don't mind, lol.


Ok, here goes, Hi everyone, my name is "CANADA", and I am a "NOLFER", I

have been playing the "NOLF SERIES" for over 4 1\2 years now, and will never

quit, although there have been rumours that I had, believe me I haven't,

so watch your backs everyone, hehe.


I live on the west coast of Canada, on beautiful Vancouver Island, it is the last

port before the country of Japan.


I look forward to meeting all of you on the "BATTLEFIELDS OF NOLF" sometime,

until then "KEEP ON NOLFING" everyone, lol.









Take Good Care Of Yourself and Your Family,



Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, & CONTRACT JACK", Always,










P.S: If Possible "BELLADONNA", could you ask "SPAWN" to give

you his "ROFL" (Little Blue Laughing Sideways Man), for a smilie here on your

forums, if he doesn't mind of course, PLEASEEEEEE, LOL !!! unsure.gif

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Thanks for the compliments, Canada. Eliteone put everything togehter for me and has been spending hours every night fixing things I'm too coding clueless to understand. Also, lots of other people have been suggesting topics and giving wonderful advice that I appreciate soooo much. It's because of these people generous with time, effort and support that the site will do well. Thank you everyone. biggrin.gif

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bella...this is a very perfect forum design and everything...it almost mirrors the ST forums exactly with just a few more general areas...this is gonna be a very fun forum and it should keep ppl commin bak a lot...i know i will be hear daily...again...any help i could possibly assist with...u know how to reach me wink.gif


o and i was just lookin at the winking smily...hahahahaha...the guy looks like he got socked in the face tongue.gif...i just had to point that out...loox like its tryin too hard to wink tongue.giflaugh.gif

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Yes, the spam is insaine, I want to be able to navigate through this site. I only have 10 and half of that is spam. It's funny how the first thing after rules are set down in a forum is the spam section. But I geuss there has to be room for the Hyenas like Factor.

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Hmm I don't want to just say Deal...cause that'll be pointless..


Umm...I'm listening to Cake right now, w00t! My daddy downloaded a lot of Cake Songs for me, and now I have a lot...soon I will have All of them...BLAHAHAHHAHAHAHA......yeah.

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Fact + Nova = 299 posts in something like 3 days? Not bad, kids... It took me a year and a half to post this much at SFI forums. tongue.gif



I was thinking of trying to keep up with these two. I just don't have that much stuff I want to write though!

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Fact + Nova = 299 posts in something like 3 days? Not bad, kids... It took me a year and a half to post this much at SFI forums. tongue.gif


Really?! LOL...


I'm stopping my Crazy Spam now, I'm trying not to Spam like I did in the ST Forums. But yall gotta think before you spam: This is the NOLF2 Forums where all the Maps and DEdit (etc..) will be held, Bella and Elite needs the Space.


(This goes especially towards Factor tongue.gif )

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