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NOLF 1 Remake


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I can't seem to find a suitable website about this, but I just wanted to ask.


If, "someone" were to make a remake of the orignal No One Lives Forever 1 on a newer engine for a non-profit project.


Is it legal ? Would the orignal publishers force to bring the project down because of lawsuits ?


I just wanted to ask early, in case the project were to be cancelled halfway through the development.



Also, this is not a confirmation of any kind of a remake. Just a Question.


EDIT: Oh, and Thank You.

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If it were in a sense a "mod" and the person/s remaking it released it at no cost (did not profit from it) then it would probably be "legal" to do.

You would want to make sure whatever game engine was being used was done so with the proper permissions etc.

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Not a Mod. A Full Remake (won't be perfect, since there is no legal way of obtaining the source code)


It will be made using the Unreal Engine 3.


According to the guys at EPIC, it is okay as long its a non-profit.


Thanks for the reply

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Another Quick Question.


Is there a wiki or fan site that details the structure of the game. Like the level design and the weapons attributes.


I found FAQ's and walkthrough, but its very limited.


There is a file in our downloads that may contain what you are seeking.


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Do you mean this, http://www.blackange...com/?q=lithtech ?


It's very helpful, but it only opens the textures of the game. That is only helpful if I was to make a remake. Also, I can easily convert to photoshop.



I actually use a program called Dragon UnPACKer v5.6.2. to open the REZ file.


The biggest problem I'm running to is that all the models are put on the .abc extension. After some research, its an old 3D Model and Anim Format. However, I can't find the right tools to open it with 3ds max.


As of now, I'm redrawing the whole map level by taking snapshots in-game since I do not have the exact parameters of the scale.

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Actually, Eliteone posted the vioce information file here at UnityHQ (thanks!):




As far as things like level design and weapon information go, I suspect you could find some useful sources, but you will likely have to do some Wayback Machine archeology in the sites that were active in the heyday of NOLF 1 (and 2).


I have a boatload of things to do at the moment, but I will see if I can create a (hopefully) helpful thread based on some research I did in the past (it may take a while to get it in order).


EDIT: See this thread for additional resources:



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Thanks. However, the sound files in NOFL are all in .wav file with a very detailed name on it. So, the voices document may turn up useful only on the long run.


Please take your time on the thread. I'm not in any kind of rush.


Once it completes, please inform me on this thread or PM me. I'll postpone this project, since I have another project in mind that I wish to finish.


Thank You.




Thanks for the links. Unfortunely, most of them are downed or broken. However, after doing some more research, making a full remake without any legal issues means I can't use ANY source material (even the level design).


My side project should be finished by next week, and I have a vacation for another. I will try to pick up where I left off. Hopefully pop a screenshot by the few months coming.


I also want to add that there is a huge percentage that this project will never reach finish. Looking at the the guys who made Black Mesa:Source (Half Life 1 Remake on source engine), they are having a development hell (on for 6 years). I won't try to butter it up and hype anything, until I got some proper shots or footage.


Thanks Everyone and bye :)

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Hi mrgooey.


Perhaps look at the edit tools for "Blood 2: The Chosen" also by Monolith. It uses the same engine, ABC models, DTX textures as Nolf. Maybe good for reference. I'm goint to try them on my Intel Mac mini with Wine.





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Milkshape 3d will get nolf meshes from .abc's.


As for weapon info, level info etc. Yea just use nolf tools and open that game right up. Nothing to lose =p free source code, and basically everything is openable in some way. Even compiled level .dats if you want to take a peak at the settings used (no its not going to tell u what brush and what thickness, more along the lines of ai setup etc. They open with wordpad.=) if you need anymore info feel free to drop me a pm. =)

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