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Thinking About:
I know Archeage is more for PvP , but maybe think about it to fix and Overthink some Boss Meachnics.
Dungeons and Raids are in much MMORPG´s good.Befor you impliment a new Stuff you should fix it.Make the Dungeon and Raid Gear Equal to Hiram.That Group Players not be Behind and Forced to Farm Solo Hiram.MMORPG Should always be a Teambased.Im Just a Gamer , but make some Points to have fun in Group.Maybe a Groupbuff dont know.But what players seen atm at most are 1 High Gearscored person that farms all Lowies in Diamant shore or else.Make PvP Gear , Make Diffrent kind of Arena for that you not only need Gear to Win , anybody should we a chance to Win with Tactics against the Braindead High Geared Players that just can push 1 Button.You Think to much for the Paying stuff.The Past show you that you lost much Players.The Crafting Gears was at beginn okay but the fact is that you need so much Materials for a Piece at no free 2 player can ever reach.In Archeage im Just Farmer i play on Fresh Start Server i would lovly do PvP but not to Invest hundred of Bucks just to get Gems and Stuff.With Hiram its still fine you can Farm to get Gear.But Solo.If i wanna play an MMORPG i wanna play in Team.And the Fact that the Paying for Real money Corrupt the Players an be Toxic.You Should force to fix the Bugs and the Balance from Classes befor you continue, my meaning.There are so much CC but less CC Breakers.Make a Offical Wiki for Archeage that new players dont have to Ask Toxic players.Just saying Archeage Genre is cool.You got it Unique with the Housing and Farming.Work with it and dont make it to short.Farmers are contantly Online and burning her Labours.PvP´ler just make Taxes or Ganking lowies.But The Fact should be that the games are Fair and Newbie Friendly but that is what you need to get a more People.You can Gift so much you want thats just a Timebased thing after people leaving again.If you really want to be Pay 2 Win Make Gear in Cash Shop.But what then?Atleast you have Fair PvP.Make Gems farmable not only with Honor, i dont know.Just talk with XL about new and Old things and not only with Big bosses.You need Ideas for the Future that make the People Hope thats the Game is not going to Die.You could make a Island on the Sea for Open World thats need to Capture , Dont know.The fact is that the Games die´s if we dont have new players thats think its worth ATLEAST the ABO.New players will get Milked and Burning out.You have to make a Diffrent.The game are a Hybird PvP and PvE.You should get Content for Both and not only if you plays from Beginn on or paying for lucky chests to get Mounts and sell them.My meaning is that you have to rewards the Farmers aswell you reward the PvPler with the Honor.Maybe Lower the Costs of Crafting gear and make the Stats randomly as Hiram.Make Dungeon Gear not as 1 Items make them for Collect Materials that you get from Daily Quests for Dungeons or so.You have mad a part of the Game useless.Just look at the Regradings Scrolls , maybe 1% of the Gamers now craft gear.I liked archeage because i could get Equal with Farming/Crafting with Dungeon/Hiram.I liked very the Dungeon Upgrade in the past.That you collect Materials to get new was amazing i was thinking its fair.Now you have get a hole piece of item for get XP on Dungeon Gear.For Hiram okay but not for Dungeon Gear.Make it Upgradable and Changeable.I really invest my time to Burn Labour and thats it.The game will die if you cant make it more worth to play again.And i meaning not only to Gank low Geared.The Low Geared player will lose Happyness and quit gaming.You make good Steps into it with make not only the Mounts behind Paywalls.Most of the Communitys thinks thats high Geared players actually skilled aswell , they just hit 1 button and the enemy is dead.The Game feeling is Zero.You just Force to fix and Belance and old befor you think about new.PvP Gems why not PvE Gems? or so.You have so many People on your Team ask them , let them play aswell.And they will see whats bad and whats not.But if you just an Owner of the Game and have no Experience in the Gameplay you cant not Improve.Just take 1 week to play to see the Community and the Game.Leveling is Great but what comes after it? kill 50 mobs nothing more.Dungeons are Bugged noone wanna play Dungeons.You kick out your own game step for step.

Its just my Meaning.Just think about the Young and Growing people thats study or going to school.If you get the people going on the play the game in the future.And not the Mad old bois that never seen a Forest.

My Wishes befor New:
-Improve Gold Rewards from Quests after hitting lvl 50
-Dungeon/Raid Gear Equal with Crafting/Hiram
-Dungeon/Raid Gear Upgrade again with Regrade Scrolls and Stats Changeable
-Make the Honor equal with Vocations
-Fix Dungeons / Raids
-Fix Class Balance
-Make Arena/Dungeon Browser for all Realms to get it on.
-Farmer Dailys Quest example farm 500 Potatos get gold / something

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