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Tempest Jakar | WTS Delphinad Flame Leather Gear (Divine / Legendary) + Mounts

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+19 Delphinad Flame Cap 6x 2,1% Melee Crit Rate [Legendary] [non-crystallized]
+17 Delphinad Flame Jerkin 7x 480 Resilience [Divine] [crystallized]
+16 Delphinad Flame Belt 4x Tripple Slash Damage +3% [Divine] [crystallized]
+17 Delphinad Flame Guards 385 Physical Defense [Divine] [crystallized]
+18 Delphinad Flame Fists 10.5% Parry Rate [Divine] [crystallized]
+16 Delphinad Flame Breeches 6x 353 Toughness [Legendary] [crystallized]
+16 Delphinad Flame Boots 12% Move Speed [Divine] [crystallized]

1x Delphinad Flame Necklace [Legendary] [crystallized]
2x Delphinad Flame Earring [Divine] [crystallized]
1x Delphinad Flame Ring [Legendary] [non-crystallized]

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1x Wrapped Celestial Pegasus
2x Wrapped Stormwing Pegasus

pm Osarus at Jakar if interested
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