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Cutting piece manufacturing process

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Cutting sheets are an important part of the abrasives industry. The abrasive mold industry is becoming more and more important in mechanical production, and cutting sheets have an indispensable role. With the development of science and technology, new materials are constantly growing, and mechanical processing is developing to high quality, high precision, high efficiency, and automation. The application range of ceramic bond diamond cutting blades is wider and wider, and the dosage is increasing.
The ceramic bond diamond cutting piece has high strength, good heat resistance, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, no heat generation and clogging during grinding, small thermal expansion, and easy control of machining accuracy. Compared with the resin bonded diamond 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal, it solves the problem that the resin diamond cutting piece has a low life, the grinding efficiency is low, and the grinding tool itself is easily deformed during the grinding process.

Drying, firing
1, drying
After the cutting piece is finished, it is placed on the cutting rack and pushed into the drying kiln for drying. At present, it is heated by electric wire, and the temperature is kept at 90 ° C for 12 hours, and then the temperature is naturally lowered. In the future, mass production can be carried out by using the heat energy removed by firing the kiln. Generally, the cutting piece with a diameter of 150mm or less can be dried in the sun to achieve the purpose of drying and drying. The cutting piece with a diameter of 200mm or more, especially the large cutting piece of 500mm and 600mm is dried in the drying kiln, otherwise it is fired. Cracks can occur at the time, affecting the quality of the cutting piece.
2, firing
The kiln used for firing the cutting piece is a batch-type self-control kiln. The heating curve can be set at the controller, and then the temperature in the kiln rises or falls with the set heating curve. The whole process is automatically controlled, the temperature is uniform, and the temperature is raised. Fast, high quality burnt.
Fourth, processing
The surface of the cutting piece, the inner hole and the outer circle can be processed by a conventional lathe. The special-shaped cutting machine can realize the automatic working cycle of multiple processes such as car, grinding and drilling. It can accurately and efficiently complete the turning, grinding, grinding and grinding of the outer circle, section, inner diameter and hole of the cutting piece. Processing of cups, bowls, saucers, worms and various shaped cutting blades. It is suitable for the professional design of cutting piece production. The tool holder is stable, the positioning is accurate, and the machining precision is high. The spindle frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed is gradual, the processing cutting piece has no surface scratches, and the scrap rate is reduced.
Automated program control, complete manual unfinished actions, simple operation method and saving manpower. The inner hole hole coating machine for processing the cutting piece comprises a centering oil cylinder, a squeeze oil cylinder, a storage cylinder, a connecting tube, a core rod, a chuck with a middle hole and a pallet, and the cutting piece is supported on the pallet, and is squeezed The oil cylinder pushes the paint in the storage cylinder to the core rod, and under the action of the centering cylinder, the core rod is reciprocally applied in the inner hole of the cutting piece. The cutting pieces of different inner holes have different mandrel for hole coating. After use, the mandrel should be sealed and stored to prevent the material of the hole in the mandrel from hardening, and the hole of the coating is blocked. Generally, the mandrel is immersed in diesel oil, and the core is not used up. The hole-coated material can be directly filled with water to cover the material, and is not in contact with air.
Five, product testing
The hardness of the cutting piece is mainly detected by a cutting piece blasting hardness machine. The machine sprays a certain volume of quartz sand onto the surface of the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier by means of compressed air having a certain pressure, and the measured cutting piece is punched out into a small pit. The hardness of the measured cutting piece is measured by the depth of the small pit, and the small pit is shallow when the hardness is high, and the small pit is deep when the hardness is low, and the small pit to be punched has a specific value. For example, the 350*40*127 cutting piece in the previous example, the 350mm diameter cutting piece, the hardness K, the particle size 46, can be known by looking at the table on the machine. The standard value of the hardness is 2.34-1.80, the tolerance value is 2.61-1.57. If the value is within this range, the hardness is acceptable, and if it is not, it is unqualified.

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