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Account still banned.

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To whom it may concern,

On the 7th of November I tried to log onto my account, but a displayed message informed me that my account has been suspended / banned and advised me to check my email for further information. However, I have not received an email regarding the matter or any update over the past 3 days.

After doing my own research I found out that my bank account had charged back the recent credit purchase of 39.99$.

I usually purchase credit vía paypal, but this time I had used my personal credit card because my Paypal wasn't working. My bank assumed this to be fraudulent which is why they denied the transaction and withdrew the payment. I did receive the credit ingame, therefor was unaware that there had been a problem.

Once i'd realised what 'may' have been the cause of my account being banned, I contacted my bank to check what the case was. They said that aslong as I could confirm that it was indeed I that made this purchase, they would let the money go through the system without having to re-purchase. I asked them to confirm in writing that it was them that recharged the amount due to possible fraudulent activity and not I. I attached this to the ticket I sent through.

this is making me extremely worried, because all of my land has 5 days left to be demolished due to me being unable to pay the taxes, and i have worked really hard to get hold of the spots that all my lands are currently standing on, plus all the compensation packs that everyone are getting i wont be getting hold of since i cant access my account.
I've submitted several tickets and I am yet to hear anything. So here I am hoping that this post would be some sort of help because quite frankly, i'm out of options.

I have purchased credit many times during my several years of ArcheAge gameplay, with never a single problem. Personally I think that individuals should be given a message to inform them of the pending balance and be given a period of time to rectify the error before having their account banned, because it's clearly a very lengthy process getting it unbanned.

This is the second time i post on the forums along side multiple tickets, and i've yet to hear anything.
I appreciate any help you can offer.


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