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Change weapon descriptions for "Attack Speed" and "Weapon Type"

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Currently, every weapon has two statistics listed near the top. One is "Attack Speed" which determines the multiplier of damage and animation time associated with melee skills when using the weapon. The other is "Weapon Type" which determines the armor type that melee attacks have a chance to do more damage towards when using the weapon.

This terminology exactly conflicts with the Attack Speed we know listed in our details page, and "Weapon Type" terminology we know for the type of weapons we use such as Dagger, Greatclub, or just how we reference 1h or 2h weapons.

Propose changing "Attack Speed" statistic to some new terminology, along the lines of directly meaning "Speed & Damage Modifier".

Propose changing "Weapon Type" statistic to some new terminology, along the lines of directly meaning "Effectiveness against specific armors", maybe such as "Precision Type" or something instead. Also the "Weapon type" statistic still appears after the actual value, instead of before.

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