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Game Request Consolidation Thread.

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I'm setting this up as a place for us to post our requests and desires for the game and its support structure going forward. I realize that what one person wants multiple others may not but at least it opens up a discussion, which should be for another thread, imo. My hope is that the CMs for Gamigo will keep an eye on this and take some of these to the table with XLgames.

I'll start with some of mine. (In no particular order)

1. More vigorous testing on PTS before releasing content.
2. Bind on Account items. (could start out very limited at first)
3. Pay to Play server. Would be a fresh start server, with only cosmetic items available in shop.
4. Special events once per quarter. Example: Last Man Standing event. All players are red, they all zone in at the same time, last one alive, wins. (obviously needs to be more defined)
5. Twitch streams return (and bring back Quillodon)

My totally out there suggestion/request: (and yes, I know Gamigo can't make changes to the game, but they can bring them up at meetings and Jake Song can feel free to shoot them down if they are ♥♥♥♥ty or gamebreaking)
6. Item modifications. Sort of like Slicing in SWG. You craft the modification component, it can then be used to enhance 1 stat on your weapon/armor. Further increased with a Modification skillset Mastery. (for example, a blade balancer that could be used to lower attack speed by a certain percent, or a sharpener that enhances damage range) If that component was applied by a Master Modification craftsman (new skillset) the bonus would have a small chance of doubling and, if the craftsman uses a "Extreme Modification" skill for 1000 labor, they would have a small chance of tripling the amount, but also a very small chance of item destruction.

Feel free to post your ideas in this thread to keep it active. Even if your suggestions completely contradict another's (such as mine), at least this will give them info as to what people want in the game and they can then figure out how popular an idea is by the number of people supporting/requesting it.

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