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Hello everyone,

its getting to the point where i would actually want a answer about the non existent reply of any kind towards written tickets of the playerbase. As someone that is writting texts for people for the Support we have not gotten any replies at all in over 30 cases. Some of them are minor granted but the other ones that involve Accounts not being able to log in or not being able to use their gear or some even having lost their Items due to demolition of the houses during the merge are not something that should be put on the waiting list for so long. Since those errors are critical for the players mind and the will to continue.
The oldest ticket i have seen so far is 31 Days old and no activity. Its nice that you do care about the current bugs and compensation packages but that data wont run away. Meanwhile soon i can see it already coming you will tell people "sorry we dont have data anymore from before the merge since its too old."
Everyone can understand that there is a lot of work to handle right now but a silent threatment is not the best solution.

Please keep the topic clean since its a topic that can include you at anypoint.

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