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Can you remove all EU/NA specifics modifications from KR version ?

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I noticed some issues on Diamond Shores when players wanted to go to Mistmerrow or takings event quests due of non-peace area on Diamond Shore. Some Melles can kill easilty glassy class and low-GS players : so it is an issue.

Sources :

It is possible to put DS in permanent peace (or at least peace during MM and Luscas events ?), and making our Archeage same than KR version ? (the only difference should be the translations). It implies also :
- mounts speed (players would need to have faster mounts, because it take a lot of time)
- costumes stats (they had on KR, but they removed) : it made a lot of issues on Archers during 2015
- DS peace (maybe library pvp)
- others things

Because some adjustements are susceptible to break the class / game balance.
On early version of AA, in 2014-2015, Archery need a lot of def penetration : that is worked on Korean, but no on EU/NA : when Trion asked to remove stats on costumes, it broke the archer class !

The advantages if the game without specific systems, that the class still be balanced, and less test time due of changing coding asked from publisher.

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