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CO-OP server full!?

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Hey guys and gals,


I recently started playing with ya'll again, and have been having a lot of fun. But I was wondering why I can never join the CO-OP server. It alwasy says that it is full, no matter when I try to join. Is it not for use, or is it really full? It just seemed a little hard to believe that so small a playerbase would always fill the co-op server.


I hope this isn't a really dumb question, I tried searching the forum first, but couldn't find anything.


Thanks, (and thanks for keeping this game alive)



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It should let you in un'ess it is in te middle of switching chapters

Can you take a screenshot of the message?

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Hello, thanks Eliteone, I guess it was that I was using the Join by IP tool instead of the one you just brought to my attention. I downloaded it and installed it, and I can get in.


Thanks again!



I rebooted the server last night too so it might have been a server issue. If you have the issue again let me know and I'll investigate it further.

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