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Serious Client MFC Crash Problem


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I know this has been an issue in the past but I can't find any fix and it's more serious for me than most people.

At first my game could run fine with no errors on an older system with Windows XP but I got rid of it and got a new system with Windows Vista. It's possible that I had this error on XP too though and maybe not even on Vista at first. Regardless, the problem is getting worse over time.


The problems: Many times when turning a light on, off, or even if one flickers from a grenade especially in the Soviet levels the game will crash with the error "Client MFC has stopped working" and I have seen some weird driver error occasionally but not recently.

There's also grapical errors especially in the Soviet levels and certain parts of the Japan level from reloading sometimes such as the absence of some textures, weird bright colors making it hard to see, or scrambled up doors. In rare cases it makes my whole screen get totally messed up with a mix of colors permanently until I reboot my computer.


When loading a game from the main menu or even quickloading, the game may also crash with the client MFC error and can take 3-6 attempts to finally load the game.

Every time I try to load a game the music always stops and the word "Loading" freezes and then either I get the client MFC error or it somehow finishes loading, sometimes even without music; is that normal?


Even more current problems: Now the problem is so bad that any time I try to use the welder, stun gun (not electrical charge), rocket launcher (not grenades), or any machine gun (not shotgun or pistols though), my game will crash with the client MFC error. This makes it literally impossible to complete the game since you are forced to use the welder and a machine gun in certain areas.



Things that I've tried:

Getting Patch 1.3 and a No CD patch.

Running the game and the launcher (Nolf2.exe and Lithtech.exe) as an administrator and with compatibility modes such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista (Windows 98/ME won't let it start).

Disabling visual themes, desktop composition, Triplebuffering, Hardware Cursor and Hardware Sound, Movies, and Animated Load Screens (I can't do anything about Hardware Acceleration with Vista and an X64 bit Computer).

Reinstalling the game.

Rebooting my computer and doing system restores.

Scanning for viruses and spyware with up to date definitions.

Disabling UAC and my Antivirus.

Using 3D analyzer as directed to solve graphical problems.

Updating my drivers (Nvidia) and anything else that was outdated.

Cleaning my registry, removing temporary or useless files, and defragmenting my hard drive (I have a 4 GB RAM, Geforce GTS 250 video card, and 271 free GB of space on the hardrive where Nolf 2 is installed on so it shouldn't even be a problem).

That's about it.


Suprisingly, I also have Contract Jack installed (requires CD and has the latest patch) and I have had no problems at all with it or even the demo! It's very strange since both Nolf 2 and Contract Jack use the same engine, most of the same sprites, similar weapons, similar music, and were developed by the same company.


Can anyone help me or know what the problem is? Alot of my system specs are in the post if you need them but you can ask for more.

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Does your Windows system/application logs contain any information about the crash?


Yes but what information do yo want?




Faulting application lithtech.exe, version, time stamp 0x21544c46, faulting module lithtech.exe, version, time stamp 0x21544c46, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00181edd, process id 0xf7c, application start time 0x01ccf72489ae1cae.




[ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2012-02-29T20:56:10.000Z EventRecordID 36026 Channel Application




lithtech.exe 21544c46 lithtech.exe 21544c46 c0000005 00181edd f7c 01ccf72489ae1cae

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Probably the no CD one.


I'd recommend copying the original from your NOLF2 CD and see if that resolves your issue.

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I'd recommend copying the original from your NOLF2 CD and see if that resolves your issue.


I might try that but I got the Livesforever mod and it seems to have fixed everything! Maybe occasionally I might have to try and reload a few times but it's not that much of an issue. The only problem is that I only know how to turn on one mod at a time and I think I always have to have this mod running or I'm most guaranteed of the game crashing. Is there a way to get more than one mod running at a time? It really limits what I can do.

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