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Server Issue 02-23-12

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Someone has tried once again to attack our NOLF2 servers with a DDOS attack.


As a result they are offline to prevent me from having further charges from our host (The costs to me are currently being assessed) I will be receiving a bill for the costs for damages for the attack.


This is a really low thing from someone to target us in this manner. All UHQ has done is provide a means for players to enjoy the NOLF 2 game.


There is no need for drama nor to take out our servers so people will go play in other servers etc.


The datacenter has logged information during the attack and most likely will be pursuing those responsible.


We will of course assist in any way we can in the prosecution of those responsible.


We will be looking at our options on how to proceed going forward.


It's really sad that someone familiar with the NOLF2 game and gameservers has chosen to make this personal and cost me personal finances over a video game.

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