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Ayanad Library far too dark to see anything in

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It's probably a local issue but then again I haven't been in the library in literally over a year.

But everything between the library rooms, the corridor and twisty pathway rooms, is PITCH BLACK. I cannot see a thing, it is impossible to get out once I've gone in. I literally run around looking at my green name and title over my head for 2-3 minutes sometimes until I'm aciddentally able to find the 'f' location to get out. Super annoying!

I have Gamma turned all the way up in-game (50 seems to be max). I have the laptop display (Lenovo T470) brightness/contrast turned all the way up.. I've updated the drivers. I'm at a loss here. I simply want to be able to .. see.

Anyone got some tips or tricks with the config file or some other method, because this really sucks. I can't imagine spending a huge gear grind in a ♥♥♥♥ty location you can't even see, running into walls, not even knowing what way is up.

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