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@Remco Westermann, CEO of Gamigo. Read and Respond.

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You are losing your revenue stream and negatively impacting the earnings potential of Archeage.

While the acquisition of Trion Worlds had to happen at the predetermined date, this period has been most disruptive to the paying player base and discouraged potential new players in becoming Patrons.

Upon successful server mergers completed, the population for each server has been healthy, and this fact alone, encourages potentially new players to join Archeage and in time, engage with the payment model.

As a major update (Update 5.0) was also scheduled with the firm dates of 25th October, many Veteran players (myself, included) were fully prepared to invest both our time and money. But the failure to ensure that the update schedule happen as promised, greatly compromises the earnings potential for a much touted update.

Other than the news update from Khrolan (an employee that you rightfully retained), we need you and your executive board to provide him and his team the adequate resources and assurances, so that he and his team can confidently carry out the update in a timely matter.

To do otherwise is to put the earnings potential of Archeage at risk.

Speaking of risk, the constant and sudden server downtimes, only pushes players away from engaging with the payment model of Archeage. Why would any player invest time and money in an unstable game.

Despite the exemplary work put in by BigDataDude, Tinen and Morgana, it is clear that more resources need to be provided to the Archeage team to function in a satisfactory manner. If minimal resources allocated results in such constant service disruptions, you and Executive Board is directly responsible in endangering your revenue and profitability.

If such service disruptions continue, and the implementation of Update 5.0 continues to be delayed beyond this weekend, then this Player Community will be left with no choice, but to write off Archeage as a lost cause, move on to better managed MMOs, and speak of our experience to interested parties of the transition from Trion Worlds to Gamigo.

Yours Sincerely,
Izanaginomikoto, Guild Leader of <ArchAngel>
Aria Server

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