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My Assurance for the AA community and its future

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Hey everyone

In light of all that has been unfolding for months with Trion/XL and their lack of communications with the community, I've and we should all have some faith and patience with Gamigo and their CEO Remco Westermann. He actually does some interviews unlike Mr Scott so if you are interested to know him and his philosophy a bit more you can view this and other videos of him online:

One thing we need to consider based on some information that has been uncovered is that Trion Worlds was very much on the verge of bankruptcy with AA initially starting with 2M user accounts and now that number being reduced to just under 20,000 active users. Games like Devilian being shut down and were unable to be funded further and then titles like Defiance and Atlas Reactor doing very poorly in numbers.
Not only AA but all their games and your hard work and data were at a brink of deletion and all your hard work would have been for naught. AA for NA/EU was at its end with Trion Worlds.

Gamigo has obtained all the IP's and Data of Trion Worlds games and servers through their sister company Padmapani GmbH. The Data is safe for now, give them some room and time to operate and rest assured the assets of a company is their players, YOU the players not the games, you are the investment and part of what Gamigo has invested in heavily, loyal long term players in part.

I run a small business and the most important thing I look at if I want to buy a 3rd store is that if the business has regular and loyal long term customers and if there is room for potential growth. That is one important concept that Gamigo has also focused on.

Further more AA was one of the games Gamigo has had a fair interest in according to an insider and for the moment buying rights to it is a possibility on the table which there are further talks about once they meet with XL team.
One thing any company would be interested before purchase is to make sure the lease is either renewed before purchase or that there is at least a few years left on the contract before expiry. In this case Gamigo would not have gone through if there was no lease time left with XL and AA as it still holds a lot of promise and assets for their company and the transaction they had.
We should not rush into conclusions, so far they have saved our beloved AA and our game Data which for some of us is 4 Years+ of hard work, pain, love and memories.


Announcement from XLGAMES

Posted on behalf of XLGAMES:

Dear ArcheAge players,

You may be aware that there has been a business transaction involving Trion Worlds. XLGAMES is currently resolving issues to ensure that there is no harm done to the users since our ArcheAge fans are of the utmost importance to us.

XLGAMES will do its best to settle any matters with the involved parties in a speedy manner. The release date of the Relics of Hiram 5.0 Update will be decided and notified to you soon.

Thank you for your support.


As for the Patch delay it is to be expected. Gamigo wants to be able to let their team and devs over at Hamburg Germany and the current employees at Redwood CA to settle in, as well put some effort to spend some resource and money into advertising the 5.0 update to bring more players to their new game, something their predecessors miserably failed at.

I will leave a few links that already have been posted by other community members for some more information about Gamigo.

P.S I'm looking for a few links to post and when I find them I will edit this, I was at work going through them retaining information and didn't save the links as I really was not interested in making any post in the first place which most of which were regarding the timing of the purchase of Trion Worlds by Gamigo and the state the company was in or would have been had the purchase was not done any earlier.

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