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Will this nightmare ever end?

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Well well well....I'm just so tired.

I had been worried about the state of the game for many months, close to a year. Radio silence from Trion for most of the time. Then, about 2 months ago, breaking news of layoffs and server merges. Been fretting dreadfully about the merge ever since. Planned it out to the last detail like a crazy person, and wow, it actually worked, I got exactly the land I wanted, my little home. Insanely happy and relieved for about 48 hours. That was the only short pause we were allowed...before new horror stories were unleashed. My joy about the new server has already given way to the depression of uncertainty once again.

Isn't it time that this treatment ends?
I acknowledge that this is a tumultous time for the remaining staff, and I am indeed sorry for everyone who lost their jobs. But I can't imagine this happend over night. It's a multi-million dollar transaction, after all, something that requires some advance planning, I suppose. And now what? Left in the dark as per usual?

I expect that the ArcheAge license is some sort of asset in the transaction, and that a game with a playerbase is worth more to the buyer than one without. So we players are all little assets, in a way. Which is why I urge you, Trion, Gamigo or XL or whoever is in charge at the moment, to cheer us up. Preferably with some answers to these questions:

1. What about the freshly merged servers? Are they safe, will they stay?
2. What about our accounts? Will they be carried over as they are?

I have loved this game for so long, I still do. Like everyone else who is still around, I had to put up with so much crap over the years. I made a new commitment to it just 3 days ago, determined to settle into our new server and enjoy the future, which was so enthusiastically described by Khrolan on stream. Only to be hit on the head with a frying pan yet again. I'm so tired.

Just tell us the truth, and do it quickly.

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