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Okay Trion......

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So.....after I spent months away from the game, I finally decide to try and pick this game back up again. Right now, I cannot even add my payment info to the game to activate a subscription or even buy Credits for the Cash Shop, but.....I am actually relieved that I haven't been able to and here is why.

A) Trade Packs had apparently been gimped horrendously to a point where they can degrade into uselessness

B) The Gold Buyer NPCs, like the one that used to be in Falcorth Plains, are now GONE so I have NO NPCs to bring specialty trade packs to for Gold.

C) I am told all the above changes were made to rail road people into PvPing just to make Gold.

This is NOT how you should be doing this, I used to have fun making my trade packs, growing my own plants to turn into those packs and getting them to where I needed to take them so I could MAKE GOLD. I mean I even took the time to build a Lutesong Junk so I could have a well defended ship that could carry quite a few trade packs (I know the Merchant Ship can carry more) across the ocean so I could make trade attempts to the other continent, BUT LOW AND BEHOLD all that is pointless now, I have no reason to use my Lutesong Junk anymore because what is the point when the trade packs degrade in value over the course of a freaken hour....oh and I absolutely REFUSE to PvP just to make money, that is a horrible idea to have to force people to do that just to make money.

In closing, I no longer have any reason at all to own land, I have no reason at all to use my ships, and I have ZERO reason to subscribe to the game and zero reason to use the Cash Shop anymore, you have effectively KILLED any desire I had to throw more money at this game and I hear tell that you lost ALOT of players because of stuff like this, so good job Trion...*sigh*

I would really REALLY like to know why you thought this was a good idea, I mean Im told you lost a HUGE amount of players as a result of it and it is STILL as it was even after that, just why? I used to respect and love this game before I had to drop out of it, and I even respected you guys as a company....just why did you do this? :(

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