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Need info (Not confirmed?) (Trion Sold?)

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So awhile ago I asked about if (Arche Age) was going to be published by XL Games, instead I came back here today to check to see since Trion Worlds, is listed on multiple websites as being sold to a game company called Gamigo?

^ I don't know if it's mis-information that Trion Worlds is being acquired by Gamigo, or XL Games is going to self publish the game but I would like information because i'm considering coming back from Black Desert to Arche Age but, concerned about putting Real Money or time into any Trion Game at the moment, because "Gamigo" doesn't have that good of a reputation for being a game publisher i've seen multiple games closed down by them in a very short time, and it's not a USA based company, so legal issues, or issues with GM's maybe much harder to deal with compared to dealing with Trion in a support ticket or other company.

These are my concerns i'd just liket to know what is going on with the company / future direction of Arche Age & Rift.

These are the sources which I found the information on Multiple Sites so it doesn't seem like it could be false.

So while it may not be confirmed that Arche Age is going to be a self-published game by XL which is to me what the Global Site does look like, Trion Worlds sold all it's games off to Gamigo???

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