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How to uninstall / reinstall NOLF, NOLF2 or CJ

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Recently, I've helped two people who had problems fixing their version of NOLF or NOLF2, which somehow got corrupted after installation and didn't want to GO AWAY !!! Here's how to uninstall these games, so that you can start from scratch an have fun again.


- Step 1 Locate the directory in the which your game is installed. You have to use "My computer", then look for it manually. The default directory should be C:\program files\Fox interactive\No one lives Forever or something like that. Theorically, if you can't see anything in "program files", then CONGRATULATIONS, you're a normal person, not a computer-addict like many of us. Windows will ask you if you really want to take a look at the files within, say YES, and proceed as described above.


- Step 2 OK, unless you have both games (NOLF 1 & 2) installed, you can right-click the "Fox..." directory and Delete it. Click YES, because you know what you want. Otherwise, delete only the No One Lives Forever OR No One Lives Forever 2 directory.


Now, the game is physically gone away, but the computer doesn't want to reinstall it. Why? Because your computer is stupid. Instead of looking for a game that weights something like 1GB, if a small registration key that weights a few bits tells him that YES, THE GAME IS STILL THERE, then he will think the game is still there. Note: computers don't really think, otherwise you'd only have to explain them that they're wrong. That would be cool.


- Step 3 You got it, we're gonna locate and remove any registration key that has to do with your game. Open regedit ("Start" menu, then "run" or "launch", dunno, then type "regedit" without quotes, hit [enter] and let's go)...


Regedit works like Windows Explorer. On the left are folders, on the right are keys.

Once Regedit is launched, you have to look for several keys. Here they are...

1) For both games:






Monolith Productions


No One Lives Forever OR No One Lives Forever 2 (delete the whole DIRECTORY - left window)


2) For NOLF 2 only:








CDKeys___________NOLF2 (delete the KEY only - right window)


OK, with these two little things removed, you should be able to reinstall your game(s) and update them.


Good luck! biggrin.gif

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There is teh software called Easy Clean that when you uninstall programs with it takes out all teh associated registry files with it to. It also helps to matain your pc in optumum preformance.


I don't have a link, but search it on google and you can find it... ;)

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