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TrionBrasse: NA/EU Server Downtimes 10/17 - 10/19

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Hey Caveman, I have gone through Server Evos as well, and I don't actually get to take part in the land rushes (too busy working at the time), but I just go and make in-game currency and buy some plots over time. It's led me to set homes in new places that I've quite liked. I guess it's all what you make of the experience. A friend of mine back in the SWG days said "it's all about the journey, not arriving at the end," and I tend to follow that philosophy.I use my totally not platinum card for subscriptions/patrons in most MMOs I play, with the occasional cosmetic purchase.There are those driven hard to lead the pack and get wherever it is in life first, and for them it's harder for sure, but we all move with our possessions in AA evolutions, so it's far from starting over from scratch. Erenor is still our home, in spite of the occasional earthquake. Brasse

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