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TrionBrasse: NA/EU Server Downtimes 10/17 - 10/19

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I guess I don't understand why they announced it would be down for 24 hours ... but did NOT announce it would be extended - instead, it was surreptitiously announced in a thread?what about the land rush that was supposed to happen on Saturday, the 19th? does this mean we're all going to lose out on placing housing - instead, a good many of us will be losing out to the land barons who will be on top of their computer for when It *does* come back up? it rarely comes up spot on time on a merge. - No offense - (I've been through both of the last ones, and it's always been extended.

It's not surreptitious when the time was extended in the Evolution FAQ thread - that's pretty overt. I always try to post within the thread (to tag the Dev Tracker) as well as updating the FAQ itself here on the forums.Saturday is actually the 20th, and I do not yet have a time for the land rush. As soon as it is available, I will again post to the Evo FAQ thread and edit the OP there. It should be today some time!Brasse

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