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red dragon mount growing but UI bug during stage 5

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While feeding the dragon has been quite time consuming and costly i have completed 1000 packs but one problem i noticed was that upon completing stage 5's packs yesterday(stage 2-6 is packs) it didnt visually move onto the 6th stage in the daru trainer. This mornings packs were also another 200 packs for stage 5 lol... i took the time to make a ticket and report this bug and i recieved quite a sloppy response...infact the worst one ive seen yet from any gm i think?
screenshot one(ScreenShot0088) 10/15/2018 6:07pm est
screenshot two(ScreenShot0092) 10/16/2018 8:08am est
screenshot of my screenshots folder to verify dates/integrity

and finally here is the result of the dragon grown and recieved today at 9pm
confirming its a visual bug.

problem i have now is why does it only have 24 hr duration after just being born instead of 30 days?

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