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Insufficient Mining Proficiency

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My character is 230k mining proficiency. And has been 230k mining proficiency for over a year.

I have the So Basalty title and buffs active but she still cannot mine unidentified veins. She keeps getting the insufficient mining proficiency error. I submitted a request about this 2 weeks ago. I was told that my request would be forwarded to the bug report team and it wouldn't be responded to. then it was closed.
Its been 2 weeks and it has not been fixed. My request # if anyone can view it is #1147476

and here's what it says...

I have tried toggling buffs & applicable stats, I have logged out and back in several times. logged to character select, logged in another character. I can mine all unidentified veins with my other account using the exact same Title and buffs
Title Heroic So Basalty
Effect Heroic Increases Stamina +20 and Spirit +10.
I have waited and tried again (indeed I have now waited 2 weeks and tried again). I have room in my inventory! I have tried everything I can. I still get the error regardless that I don't have the sufficient mining proficiency to mine the unidentified veins. Can you please look into my flagging and see what's going on?
Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

Can anyone help me with this please?

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