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Help with obsidian to hiram xp items

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I wanted to get some clarification on the obsidian items being turned into hiram xp.

I will use a 2 handed greatsword as an example.

Cloaked illustrious greatsword
Cloaked magnificent greatsword
Cursed obsidian greatsword
Spellbound obsidian greatsword
Wondrous obsidian greatsword
brimstone obsidian greatsword

brim is t7
wond is t6
Spell is t5
and Cursed is ???
It is t3 if you start at the bottom and work up and t4 if you start at the top and work back.

According to Omnoms chart t3 2 hander is worth 19,000 hiram xp and a t4 is worth 29,000 hiram xp.

Does anyone know for sure what a newly made cursed obsidian 2 hander is considered for hiram xp?


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