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Apex vs credits

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On EU, prices on Apex seem to be going up bit by bit from when we had the 2double event last week or so.
And as it stands (2018/October), APEX are solidly selling for 1.2-1.4k. Thus making $9.99=1.3k~
But what about credits? $39.99 would give ya 10,200 "total" credits, where 6k is given upfront and the rest is given to you over the span of 15days which adds up to 10k credits per purchase. And this where my question comes in, for those hardcore players who are loyal to the game and know multiple ways of making gold just by using credits.

Would you earn more gold by just buying 10x apex for $99.99 or buy the $39.99 three times and get the golden key + credits?

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