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Producer's Letter

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So.. the letter pretty much summed up what the streams have been discussing.. So if you missed the streams, the letter is a good precursor..

What I did not see is where is the future of Archeage headed? Usually a Producer's Letter would include a road map of things to come, and since there was mention in the letter of Trion 'working more closely with the XLGAMES design team than we ever have' shouldn't that mean you also are privy to the future as well?

This letter I regret to say is just a copy and paste of what we already know, with nothing to get excited about.. Hiram, more grind for armor and weapons, it is good that there is a pathway to gear that doesn't require heavy card swiping or VERY long hours of grind.. Malediction skills to fix what was abandoned.. Pack trading changes, we all know why. These are all based on course corrections, and nothing that is breathing life into the game.

Where are the new dungeons? Where are the new events? Where are the new storylines? When is anything new coming into the game that doesn't involve a fix for something that is broken? There are multiple teams at XL that work on different parts of the game, surely there is someone planning on new additions..

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