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WTB Costume

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Here is the list of costumes that I already have, if you have a costume that is not present in this list, thank you for sending me an mail on my character "Zerotwo".


-Dark Tear Collection (Ayanad Library)
Dark Tear Auramancy Disciple Costume
Dark Tear Shadowplay Disciple Costume
Dark Tear Witchcraft Disciple Costume

-Perinoor Collection (Cottons & Silks)
Blossom Perinoor Cottons
Midnight Perinoor Cottons
Snowbright Perinoor Cottons
Alabaster Perinoor Silks
Crimson Perinoor Silks
Midnight Perinoor Silks

-House Uniform Collection
Dragon House Uniform
Kraken House Uniform
Wyvern House Uniform
Leviathan House Uniform

-Yata Collection
Bloody Adorable Yata Pirate Costume
Milkmaid Costume
Prince Yateo Costume
Princess Greeniette Costume
Springsong Greenman Suit
True Blue Yata Costume
Winter Yata Costume

-Service Uniform Collection
Classic Service Uniform
Prim Service Unfirom
Naval Service Uniform

-Navy Uniform Collection
Auroran Navy Uniform
Nuian Navy Unfirom

-Ball Attire Collection
Classique Ball Attire
Dazzling Ball Attire
Purestar Ball Attire

-Mecha Coveralls Collection
Denim Mecha Coveralls
Scarlet Mecha Coverrals

Angelic Whisper
Armored Wavewyrm Costume
Coral Wavewyrm Costume
Battle Fae
Blood Dream Dynasty
Blue Devils Hoodie
Blue Dragon Costume
Careless Whisper Raiment
Chimera Ceremonial Uniform
Desert Assassin Plate
Devilish Temptation
Dragon Cultist Duster
Legendary Assassin Costume
Narayana Warrior's Garb
Nightraven Robes
orthern Legion Unfirom
Nutcracker Costume
Poinsettia Winter Festival Costume
Prisoner's Pride
Pumpkin Charmer Costume
Rags of the Spoonlord
Shadow Daru Uniform
Shining Shore Leave Outfit
Siege Captain's Mail
Skyline Waistcoat Ensemble
Spring Blossom Garb
Summer Racer's Swimwear
Tahyang's Battle Plate
Tomb-Bound Wraps
Victory Ball Attire
Wartime Nobility Costume
Werefox Robes
Winter's Messenger Costume
Oathbound Plate
Noble's Winter Coat
Lotusmist Costume

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