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should the dungeons timed and one by one and rotation their timed?

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u can join any dungeons at anytime for now, that make guys Diversion to all dungeon and hard to get enough peoople for dungeons.

i suggest timed the dungeon, u can only fight the appoint 2 dungeons in every hour(there is 6), every 3 hrs 1 rotation, and rotate their timed every days

such as:
Monday--1800-GBC,GHF; 1900-GPC,GSM; 2000-GHA, GKC; 2100-GBC,GHF...........................
Tuesday--1800-GPC,GSM; 1900-GHA, GKC; 2000-GBC,GHF; 2100-GPC,GSM.......................
something like that

concentrate the man to fight dungeon that they want

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