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CC is out of control. Please fix

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Tonight I had someone troll me in a way I have never been trolled before. I was loot drop potted and trying to farm hiram bottles. Someone cc locked me for 15 minutes which effectively wasted a lot of my loot drop pots.

That shouldn't be possible. I couldn't run away because he wouldn't let me and he couldn't kill me so it was basically me standing there watching my char be incapacitated. Me trying to run and getting incapacitated...

You absolutely need to fix that. If ANY of the XL devs think that is good gameplay then they should be replaced immediately because that is CRAP game mechanics and obviously very easy to abuse. It is not fun sitting there watching your character be incapacitated while you wait to be able to take an action.

Having your character incapacitated for a minute is too long because it removes skill based play from the game by simply disallowing you from taking any actions. 15 minutes is straight up ridiculous.

His primary source of damage was that completely broken griffin glider. I guess they decided having an insta-immunity glider wasn't bad enough so they added a mass fall damage glider on top of that (also very bad game design).

I have been exceptionally disappointed with what they have been doing to pvp... It used to be skill based and interesting. I feel like most of the changes since 2.9 have been net negative. I used to like the pvp in this game when player skill mattered.

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