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[Unofficial Art contest] Yata-ween Costume contest

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Hello and welcome to the unofficial Yata-ween Costume contest. This is an artwork contest, using whatever skills you have to draw the best Yata Halloween costume. Examples: Witches, Wolves, Vampires, etc.

The goal is to make the best original idea for a Halloween Yata costume. We have the Frankenstein one already. So why not make others. This can be any skill, it doesn't have to be perfect. If you can't draw a yata, feel free to make artwork of yourself wearing an original Halloween costume of your choice.

The rules are simple. All Trion rules apply, please make sure its appropriate. All art abilities are also fine. Other then that its about having fun. So you must be wondering is there prizes. Yes.

Grand Prize, First place, and Second prizes. What you win will be a secret. It will be worth your time, trust me :)

Since this is an unofficial contest the judges will be myself, Anari and my friends. You will be judge on the artwork. This is not a screen shot contest. Its an art one. xD You must post your artwork in this thread for it to count.

This will start today October 6th, 2018 and run until October 14th, 2018 @midnight cst. All prizes will be handed out to the winners on October 15th and they will be announced in this thread.

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