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Dear trion, you are bad at providing information in time.

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FAQ: October 7th: The Siege slated for this day will be blocked.
Last weeks livestream also mentioned that there would be no sieges.

Today, the LAST siege castle bidding day, Tinen from trion announced in the livestream chat that sieges would happen and that FAQ was not updated, but then where can we get our information Tinen?

I don't understend what was going through your mind Trion when you got the information that there would be siges on the 7th, but making a official post about it and letting everyone know would be nice, providing the information on a livestream chat is bad, not everyone watch the stream or if they do sometimes they watch it hours later or in the next day, the information was provided on a livestream 2 and half hours before sieges biddings would end, for some reason Tinen didn't think he should have made a official post letting everyone know about this, better late than never but nope.

This is one of the reasons that ArcheAge is what it is nowadays, lack of information provided by the publisher on serious matters.

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