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10/7 Sieges are open before Evos..

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We were previously told that sieges would be closed and bidding on scrolls would be closed..however you can currently bid on scrolls. Tinen said on the stream today that sieges were you know how stressful it can be for nations to worry about buying scrolls? Nations wont even get a whole month out of this before evos...but nations will still want their compensation from their castles before evos...

But... is there any point at all to having a nation anymore other than using wyvern mounts? Now pirates can just be on mainland with no consequences and siege and bloodlust without leaving bloodstains..basically never go to jail again...people may as well just be pirate now.

But I think this is being handled poorly on Trion's side telling us that sieges for 10/7 will be closed- then suprise! Sieges are open this weekend!

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