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Obsidian and path 5.0

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My question is the following:
A couple of months ago I bought an obsidian weapon t6 that I turned into brimstone shortspear wisp, along 2 months I have been gathering materials and I have more or less half of them, my question is if I could craft my obsidian t7 because I still need 2 more months, or I will not be able to do it. I have little time to play and it would be a big step back, after 1 year saving and 2 months getting materials not able to do it. I do not want a hiram in celestial that is what I would have looking at the tables, it would be 50k of gold spent to have a bad weapon and a huge waste of time.
The logical thing would be to remove the base obsidian and we can continue crafting the higher levels for a while, but I would like to confirm this question.
Thank you and sorry x my english.:p

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