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Questions regarding Game Mechanics

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I'm looking for clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of Trion developers vs. XL Games.

I'm not exactly sure what you guys (Trion) are allowed/capable of changing yourselves vs what has to be sent back to XL Games vs what isn't an option at all, and thereby what would be the best avenue for making requests regarding game mechanics, specifically with adjustments to current dev as well as suggestions for new content dev.

Some examples from current-dev crafting:
- Corrections/adjustments to gathered material items and availability, either in totality(i.e. penshells on beaches don't exist to any significant amount) or tweaks to spawn generation (location or frequency | too much/too little).
- Adjustments to specific crafting material gathering amounts. Potential variable adjustments to quantity, item-centric rebalance (i.e. cedar vs yucca)
-Tweaks to gate-like items for crafting. Looking at armor/weapons/accessories and blue/red/green availability compared to slot counts, it would make sense that we would get more blue than green than red, with possible slight modifications to how much the slots actually impact stats, with the potential of green being the most common, instead of the opposite.

Is this stuff you guys can work on, or does it all go back to XL, or some mixture thereof?

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