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The incredible secret new chat systeme

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The normal chat code is much to slow to win a game...yep


Situation 1:


A: inc

B: where

A: side

C: why?


result: all dead and core is gone


Sitiuation 2:


you down..core beside u...2 ninjas camping around...





B:i dont care

C:today i had a chokocake


result: all dead and core is gone...also the chokocake


So i thought of a new chatsystem which is faster and gives u more info...U just have to type the first letter of each word..easy no?




is5(H/R)*aabg...easy and fast to type and means:


Inc side 5 enemies including Hugo with a rocket and a bad grin


If u see this u can fast decide... better go upstairs and check the nanas




Inc front 1 nah side dont revive me im taged u dumbnose


You see its easy t learn...to make it a bit faster we can use "shorties" for the most messages u always need

Here a few to learn:


grrrrr = Moonie taged me


GRRRRRRRRRRRRR = 5 tags in a row


YIKES: Bella need chokolate


$§%$§%$%& = some monkeys around


know some shorties?....lets hear

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