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You really need to address spike dps

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We've been calling for this for 6+ months and nothing happens.

Dissonance was balanced before it was changed (AoE skill damage debuff). It has been completely broken since. Being able to disable a shield is not balancable because crit chance can be buffed to basically 100% and not blocking means you got critted. Crit bonus can be buffed to basically 300% which means basically 1 shot kills.

Crit is completely broken. The only counter to crit is to switch to hiram armor for resilience(which still doesn't fix the problem). Erenor armor is worthless because it doesn't get resilience. I watched the livestream. This problem makes the changes you are making to Erenor completely irrelevant because Erenor armor means you get 1 shotted.

Ranged silence is broken. Allowing people to shut down all possible counters to their ranged attacks while they are able to disable shield (ensuring crits) is not balancable. You need to remove that or remove the ability to use attacks after silencing.

More and more people are running around on faceroll archer/bards that can disable your character and then burst you dead no matter who you are. This is not good pvp. It is faster kills than some fps games I've played without the requirement to aim.

I've been waiting for several major patches for pvp to get fixed from the terrible changes and it just keeps getting worse. PVP used to be skill based and now it is all about playing the latest broken build and 1 shotting everyone.

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