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Something Interesting and Useful That I Never Knew About Inge Wagner's Fight

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Not until this year at least, when I finally figured it out. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. You know how when she sings, you can get hurt? For the longest time I thought it was because her singing was so bad that it hurt just to hear it. Given this game's humor and how the guards in the level stop shooting you to cover their ears, that seemed likely. However there are times when it doesn't hurt you, and it can vary greatly in how much it hurts you. At first I thought the closer you were, the more likely you'd get hurt more. But I figured out this wasn't the case as I've been able to stand right next to her and not get hurt, and also really far to where I couldn't even hear her yet still get hurt a lot. So then I thought it was random, but it still seemed more nuanced than that.

Eventually I found out that you only got hurt when standing near the glass windows in the level, but it doesn't work how you might think it would. You'd think that you could only get hurt WHILE the glass is breaking and falling to the ground. This is not the case though. It turns out that at any point AFTER the windows are broken, if you stand near them while she sings, you will get hurt. The closer you are, the more it hurts. This suggests that her singing causes the already broken glass on the ground to defy gravity by rising up and flying into you. Other than being illogical, what made this hard to figure out was that you never see any shards flying around! Nor does this mechanic show up at any other point in the game (in any other case, the shards might as well not be there). The game didn't provide any hints about this other than the glass breaking when she sings (which I thought was for comic effect and to imply that her singing hurts). It might just be a case of weird, old game design choices and limitations. In any case, I'm glad I was finally able to figure it out and share it.

So what does everyone think about this? Did anyone else know about it?

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